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Vises with the extra large base dimension, much longer than STD vises.

Space on the Machine table sometimes is tight, XL vises enable to have 2 vises in one because they can easily and quickly change from large opening single station vise into a double clamping station.

With the double XL vise a higher number of work-pieces can be machined in the same work cycle exploiting as much as possible the machine table length, this means to increase the productivity of the work cycle and of the machine itself because:

  • Reduction of total number of loading and unloading with consequence save of dead times/interruptions when the machine is not working;
  • Reduction (50%) of total tool changing time;
  • Lower moving time from a series of workpieces to another one of different types;
  • Lower machine wear;
  • More time the operator can walk away to do other work because of longer total cycle times.

In conclusion all this means to increase the machine productivity because of the reduced dead times/interruptions and consequently faster payback period of machines and fixtures too.

Single XL vise allows to clamp workpieces and plates of unusual dimensions and plates (with the right jaws). The very wide range of widths and lenghts of bases guarantees the satisfaction of the widest variety of works and a big rigidity of the fixture too.


Standard Vise 0 4 2 1 4 3 0 3 2 1


Thanks to the clamping device sliding in the vise base slide (compact rack type) till the proximity of the workpiece. The clamping is completed with the main screw.

Of course even for XL vises besides the manual mechanic system, 4 further interchangeable and independent clamping systems are available:

  1. hydraulic;
  2. pneumatic;
  3. manual hydraulic;
  4. electrical hydraulic. The change needs only few seconds.


Double fixed jaw position both in the center of the vise base (for double clamping) and at the end (for single big workpieces clamping).


Solid vise base. Every sliding and coupling surface is ground. Centesimal tollerances are guaranteed by checking cycles with CNC measuring machine. The perfect alignment with the machine axis is given by longitudinal and cross keyways (16H7) upon specific request by positioning holes (Ø16 mm F7) on the bottom surface of the vise base. Of course this allows minimum of set up times and gang operations.


Two differents keyways for two alternatives positions of the double fixed jaw.


  • Type 1Type 1
    Screw Ø 14 - Pitch 4 mm
  • Type 2Type 2
    Screw Ø 18 - Pitch 4 mm
  • Type 3-4Type 3-4
    Screw Ø 24 - Pitch 5 mm
  • Type 5-6Type 5-6
    Screw Ø 30 - Pitch 5 mm

  • XL - Single Vises

  • Art.271Art.271
    Clamping support with hydraulic cylinder
  • Art.212 - Art.213Art.212 - Art.213
    Intermediate movable jaw
  • Art.230BArt.230B
    Soft machineable interchangeable jaw plate
  • Art.230EArt.230E
    Step interchangeable jaw plate
  • Art.230FArt.230F
    Prismatic interchangeable jaw plate
  • Art.246Art.246
    Machinable steel straight jaw plate
  • Art.247Art.247
    Machinable steel narrow width straight jaw plate
  • Art.313 - Art.313RArt.313 - Art.313R
    Magnetic parallel plates
  • Art.217Art.217
    Prismatic movable jaw
  • Art.218Art.218
    Prismatic movable jaw narrow

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